Automate Your WordPress Blog To Rank Higher & Get More Traffic

Emplibot automatically publishes SEO-optimized articles to your blog. Set it up in 30 minutes, lean back and watch your business grow. No manual work required.

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What you'll get

How It works

Easy 30-min setup. 100% automation.


Tell Emplibot about your website. The Emplibot AI will visit your website and learn about your business and topics that will interest your target audience.


Install the Emplibot WordPress plugin to connect your blog. You are in control if Emplibot will send posts as “draft” or as “published”.


Emplibot will automatically publish fresh content on your website every day. Lean back, and watch your organic traffic grow.

Everything you need to rank

Emplibot creates authority content with unique images, branded infographics, and internal and external linking.

Data-driven Keyword research

Emplibot connects to the best keyword databases in the world to find the best keywords for your business.

Unique Images

Select your style and capture your audience’s attention with unique images. You can also upload your own stock photos.

Engaging Infographics

Emplibot searches the web for interesting facts and automatically generates high-quality infographics that will make your blog stand out.

Smart Linking​

All articles are automatically interlinked for optimal SEO results and visitor engagement. Build topical authority and your whole website will rank higher.

Social Media Sharing

Emplibot automatically creates multiple video snippets from your blog post and posts them to social media for you. Build a following and social signals for Google at the same time.

What our customers say


“Before Emplibot, nobody had the time to post content regularly. But with Emplibot and a fresh post every day, we doubled our organic traffic in the past three months.”

Lasse Thiemann

CEO, Newroom Media


“Setting Emplibot up was super easy, and the content it publishes for us is awesome!”

Stefan Ippen

Head of Marketing, NRC


“I’ve got over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. And Emplibot is an absolute game changer. Super easy setup, fully automated. Can’t recommend it enough.”

Stefano Diano

Sales and Marketing Director, Grand Hotel President

Try Emplibot Risk-Free

If you don’t like our content, you can cancel anytime and you won’t be charged.


  • 7+ articles / week
  • Keyword research
  • Auto-publishing
  • Social media sharing


  • 4 articles / week
  • Keyword research
  • Auto-publishing
  • Social media sharing


  • 2 articles / week
  • Keyword research
  • Auto-publishing
  • Social media sharing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this something I can do with ChatGPT?

No, this is a complete content marketing solution that is far more powerful than any free or cheap AI tools. From keyword research to writing, built-in SEO, publishing on your WordPress blog, and creating multiple social media posts to promote your blog post (each with its own branded video and backlink!) Emplibot is an all-in-one solution that will save you days of work and thousands of dollars.

Does Google penalize AI-generated content?

No. Google states that it rewards high-quality content however it is produced. Emplibot creates premium content that looks and feels human. 

Can I direct the content Emplibot creates?

Yes. You can specify three general topics for your blog. Emplibot will do keyword research based on these topics. If you prefer, you can also upload your own list of keywords and post titles.

Can I edit articles before they go live?

Yes, you have the option to edit your articles before they are made publicly available. You can choose to publish them as a draft, allowing for further editing, or as published, which immediately posts them on your site.

Do you support multiple languages?

We currently support English and German content.

Can I bring my own keywords?

Yes, you can edit your list of scheduled blog posts to include any keywords you like.

Can I talk to someone?

Sure, to book a call, please click here.

I'm an agency. Can I manage multiple blogs?

Yes, you can manage multiple blog posts simultaneously. We even offer branded WordPress plugins. Please get in touch at [email protected].